Boards and cover sale

Woodexpo produces boards and covers for wooden pallets.

Pallet collars.

Pallet collars completely protects the product during transportation and storage. They are used in conjunction with tray and lid that makes it possible to avoid the purchase of expensive wooden boxes. We offer to sell both new and used boards for pallets. All second-hand sides are thoroughly processed and ready for repetitive use. Here you can buy products in the standard size (800 * 1200, 1000 * 1200, 600 * 800, 1200 * 1600) or a custom size.

Pallet cover.

Pallet cover is a top protecting element mounted on a standard load pallet. It allows you to increase the rigidity of the packaging of products on a pallet. Our company offers wooden covers, as well as a cover of plywood standard sizes. We can offer our own production, as well as used ones. However, if necessary, we can produce custom sizes to covers  according to customer's drawings. All products are made from high quality lumber and is intended for repeated use.

Bars and boards.

Here you can buy bars and boards of different sizes. Their use will help you to improve safety in the transportation of large and heavy loads.

Make an inquiry on all the above products you can contact us by phone or send us a price inquiry.