Wooden pallet manufacturing

Manufacture and sale of wooden pallets in Estonia

We offer an unlimited range of wooden pallets models . We manufacture new pallets of standard sizes, as well as pallets made in accordance with the requirements of the client. We have several kinds of wood, different quality classes. Select from the list of the most popular and widely used models, or send us your specification on which we produce pallets. The most popular standard size pallets that we produce: 600 * 400, 800 * 600, 800 × 1200, 1000 × 1000, 1000 × 1200, 1200x1200mm.

  • Providing following information will help us to quickly create a quotation:
  • Pallet size
  • Carrying capacity of the pallet
  • The exact parameters of the material (thickness, width, length boards heel)
  • If the heat treatment is required (Basic requirement for shipment outside the EU)
  • The required number of trays
  • Do you organize shipping yourself or will involve our vehicles