Wooden pallet rent

In our company you can rent used wooden pallets

In our company you can rent used wooden pallets. This will help you save on the purchase of wooden pallets, since rental price will be significantly less. This service is particularly suitable for companies that have:

  • Transportation pallets are not constantly demanded, 
  • There is no space for storage of pallets or temporary storage is unprofitable for the firm, 
  • Variety of work is constantly changing and demand for the size and number of pallets.

Regardless of the type and number of pallets, standard rental application process - you must sign a lease pallets contract and make a deposit equal to the cost of pallets, after which they are transferred to the customer for temporary use. After the end of the lease term the customer returns the pallets to the territory of the company Woodexpo. Deposit will be returned and the amount of rent and wear of a wooden pallet will be deducted from the payment.

All the details of the lease terms and the cost of services can be found by sending us an email or contact us by phone.