Wooden pallet sales

We can offer an extensive range of new and used wooden pallets and boards

Main activity of Woodexpo OÜ is aimed at wholesale of wooden pallets and boards. At the moment, we can offer our customers an extensive range of new and used pallets and boards. Production scale of our company allows our customers to get the required amount of product that highlights us at the local and international market. The availability of our transport, cooperation with partners in logistics allow promptly cope with the orders and deliver goods to customers in the set time frame. 

If your company has a need for wooden pallets or boards - do not delay, contact us immediately!

To get a quotation we need the following information:

  • Pallet sizes;
  • Carrying capacity of the pallet;
  • Should there be a pallet or licensed from EUR FIN stamp
  • Should be heat treated (Basic requirement for shipment outside the EU)
  • The required number of pallets
  • Do you organize shipping yourself or will involve our vehicles