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Partners and clients of Woodexpo are leading companies from Scandinavia, the Baltic States and Europe.


Having your own transport and reliable partners in logistics gives us opportunity  to offer our clients service of transportation. We can deliver our products as well as pick it up from our customer. With a minimum order of 100 units, we offer free transport in Tallinn and Tartu, otherwise, to order less than 100 pieces we add 25 eur+VAT payment for delivery.


Woodexpo OÜ collaborates with organizations of reuse packaging such as Eesti Taaskasutusorganisatsioon MTÜ, Tootjavastutusorganisatsioon OÜ, MTÜ Eesti Pakendiringlus and RP Pakend OÜ. Thus, our company can provide its customers with the act of restoring, so that the entrepreneur-packer does not have the obligation to pay duty on packaging and to re-use tariffs set by Art. 36 of the Packaging Act. Learn more about the information on the re-use of packaging on organizations websites:


EPAL – European Pallet Association unites all manufacturers and repairers of EUR / EPAL pallets. The organization is responsible for the stable quality of the EUR / EPAL pallets and repair quality produced. This firm issues licenses for the relevant activities. Companies that do not have a certificate for production does not have the right to make EUR / EPAL products and firms that do not have a license to repair EUR / EPAL products do not have the right to provide service repairs.

NB! For sale of used pallets EUR / EPAL license is not required.

Marking EUR / EPAL pallets deposited, indicates that the product conforms with the norms and standards of the European Association of pallets.

If you want to learn more about the specifics of the organization or EPAL pallets of this type go to the organization’s website:


If the packaging of goods got print IPPC, this proves that the wood has undergone heat treatment in accordance with international standard ISPM15 and within 30 minutes was heated at a temperature of 56 ° C. This treatment prevents harmful wood insects. For companies that send their goods outside the EU, this treatment is mandatory.

To get more control rules when importing exporting, you can follow the link: