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Partners and clients of Woodexpo are leading companies from Scandinavia, the Baltic States and Europe.

Wooden Pallet Sales

Main activity of Woodexpo OÜ is aimed at wholesale of wooden pallets and boards. At the moment, we can offer our customers an extensive range of new and used pallets and boards. Production scale of our company allows our customers to get the required amount of product that highlights us at the local and international market. The availability of our transport, cooperation with partners in logistics allow promptly cope with the orders and deliver goods to customers in the set time frame.

If your company has a need for wooden pallets or boards – do not delay, contact us immediately!

To get a quotation we need the following information:

  • Pallet sizes;
  • Carrying capacity of the pallet;
  • Should there be a pallet or licensed from EUR FIN stamp
  • Should be heat treated (Basic requirement for shipment outside the EU)
  • The required number of pallets
  • Do you organize shipping yourself or will involve our vehicles

Sale and purchase of lumber

Sale of lumber

You can buy our packaging materials and lumber of different type, both standard and non-standard size. We offer for sale dry materials and products of natural moisture (not edging / edging board / bars). If you are interested in more information about the cost and terms of delivery timber products send us an inquiry or contact us by e-mail, stating the following information:
  • Variety and type of timber products;
  • The exact parameters of the material (thickness, width, length boards);
  • The amount of units required;
  • Do you organize shipping yourself or will involve our vehicles;

Purchase of lumber

We buy a wide range of timber products. We are interested in constant buying these types and sizes of wood as:
  • Conifer / Alder / Aspen
  • Thickness * width: 16*100 /  17*75 / 17*90 / 19*70 / 19*75 / 19*90 / 19*100 / 20*100 / 22*75 / 22*100 / 20*98 /  75*75 / 70*75 / 75*90 / 75*100
  • Length: 800 / 1200
  • Sort: I / II
If your company may be interested, please contact us for consideration of possible cooperation.

Boards and cover sale

Pallet collars

Pallet collars completely protects the product during transportation and storage. They are used in conjunction with tray and lid that makes it possible to avoid the purchase of expensive wooden boxes. We offer to sell both new and used boards for pallets. All second-hand sides are thoroughly processed and ready for repetitive use. Here you can buy products in the standard size (800 * 1200, 1000 * 1200, 600 * 800, 1200 * 1600) or a custom size.

Pallet collars

Pallet cover is a top protecting element mounted on a standard load pallet. It allows you to increase the rigidity of the packaging of products on a pallet. Our company offers wooden covers, as well as a cover of plywood standard sizes. We can offer our own production, as well as used ones. However, if necessary, we can produce custom sizes to covers according to customer’s drawings. All products are made from high quality lumber and is intended for repeated use.

Bars and boards

Here you can buy bars and boards of different sizes. Their use will help you to improve safety in the transportation of large and heavy loads. Make an inquiry on all the above products you can contact us by phone or send us a price inquiry.

Buying of pallets and collars

Company Woodexpo OÜ is engaged in wholesale buying wooden pallets and boards. We can supply standard wooden pallets and boards at the best prices. If necessary we can arrange transport and pick them up directly from you. For more detailed information and prices do not hesitate to contact us. Providing following information will help us to quickly create a quotation:
  • The size and parameters of the pallets / boards
  • What is the number of pallets / boards in your stock
  • Do you organize shipping yourself or will involve our vehicles
NB! All ETO customers and other organizations that provide services of reuse packaging, we can issue a certificate of recovery.

Wooden pallet manufacturing

We offer an unlimited range of wooden pallets models . We manufacture new pallets of standard sizes, as well as pallets made in accordance with the requirements of the client. We have several kinds of wood, different quality classes. Select from the list of the most popular and widely used models, or send us your specification on which we produce pallets. The most popular standard size pallets that we produce: 600 * 400, 800 * 600, 800 × 1200, 1000 × 1000, 1000 × 1200, 1200x1200mm.

  • Providing following information will help us to quickly create a quotation:
  • Pallet size
  • Carrying capacity of the pallet
  • The exact parameters of the material (thickness, width, length boards heel)
  • If the heat treatment is required (Basic requirement for shipment outside the EU)
  • The required number of trays
  • Do you organize shipping yourself or will involve our vehicles

Manufacture of wooden packaging

Main activities of Woodexpo is manufacture of wooden packaging. We offer manufacturing of packaging made of wood or wood-based materials (boxes, containers, trays, cases) for the warehousing of cargo, transport, storage of goods, etc. Wooden packing ensures the safety and integrity of goods in transit at any distance. Likewise, the packaging can be reused and easily be restored. Experience from previous years of trade allows us to provide a full cycle of packaging products of almost any size.
In accordance with the drawings of the client, we can manufacture wooden packaging of any complexity. We can discuss your packaging production in more detail, but for this we need the following information:

  • Dimensions of wooden packaging
  • Number of Units
  • Load capacity of packaging
  • The exact parameters of the material (thickness, width, length boards)
  • If the heat treatment is required (Basic requirement for shipment outside the EU)
  • Do you organize shipping yourself or will involve our vehicles
  • Photo or drawing of package

Wooden pallets repair

In the process of using wooden pallets can lose their original appearance and reliability, thereby ceasing to be suitable for storage and transportation. Buying a new pallet is not always the best decision. Our company offers its clients the service of repair of wooden pallets. In the short term, we will restore them replacing broken items with new ones made of high quality material. After repairing process your pallets will be in their original form, which will increase their lifespan and durability.

Get more information as well as get acquainted with the prices you can contact us by phone or email.


Wooden pallet rent

In our company you can rent used wooden pallets. This will help you save on the purchase of wooden pallets, since rental price will be significantly less. This service is particularly suitable for companies that have:

  • Transportation pallets are not constantly demanded,
  • There is no space for storage of pallets or temporary storage is unprofitable for the firm,
  • Variety of work is constantly changing and demand for the size and number of pallets.

Regardless of the type and number of pallets, standard rental application process – you must sign a lease pallets contract and make a deposit equal to the cost of pallets, after which they are transferred to the customer for temporary use. After the end of the lease term the customer returns the pallets to the territory of the company Woodexpo. Deposit will be returned and the amount of rent and wear of a wooden pallet will be deducted from the payment.

All the details of the lease terms and the cost of services can be found by sending us an email or contact us by phone.